Walks Through Memories of Oblivion. Flashbacks from a former political prisoner

  • Autor: Fernando Andrés Torres Veliz
  • Biografía Autor: Fernando Andrés Torres Veliz
  • Género: Literatura y Novela
  • ISBN: 978-1-956692-35-8
  • Nº Páginas: 170
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Año: 2022

Walks Through Memories of Oblivion is a collection of short stories; a creative none-fiction narrative based on true events. Situations - rescued from my memory - that I, and other fellow prisoners experienced in prison. I was arrested at eighteen years of age, during the military regime that overthrew democracy and established a brutal dictatorship (1973-90) in Chile, my homeland. Although this collection has, as a backdrop, a critical political event, the stories are not about politics. These stories are personal; the flesh and bones behind the young and restless student militant that I was once; about how this young man faces prison and the experiences among other political and common prisoners. The stories range from my arrest until my expulsion into exile. In some of them I describe the mental disorders: how sanity finds its limits in confinement; the paradoxical everyday life inside the prison; others tell the horror of torture and death, another is the story of a woman searching for her missing son. I also have a couple of stories about my exile in Berkeley, Ca. There is a good game of dark humor and tales of subtle and small victories of the human endurance and perseverance. The stories touch well-timed social justice issues and themes relevant to those readers interested in Latin America's so-called magical realism, psychology of the victims of political repression, solidarity movements, or for general readers interested in a good story with an unpredictable end.

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