• Autor: IÑAKI HERMO
  • Biografía Autor: IÑAKI HERMO
  • Género: Autoayuda y Esoterismo
  • ISBN: 978-84-09-07842-4
  • Nº Páginas: 172
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Año: 2019

You live the moment, where these letters that flow through your mind, do not belong to this book or its author, but to a place where feelings reside, a space in time where the living being experiences Life, a deep attraction of Love in the middle of a dream, a dream that becomes real in our interior through emotions; emotions that lead us showing the meaning with answers from the heart, answers where the romanticism of a kiss becomes the light that illuminates our Soul. ESSENCE: belonging to the collection "THE ILLUMINATION OF THE SOUL", It uses a simple language, polite and respectful, entering into the forgotten depths of our interior, which imperceptibly, establishes the communication channel between mind and heart, where new emotions find the lost Essence; right there where we feel the beat of Love. THE ILLUMINATION OF THE SOUL is built under the inspiration of a transparent reflection towards Life and Love, a teaching that has fallen asleep in our dreams, an awakening of emotions in the place furthest from our being.This collection of books renews the most longed emotions within us, the deepest realities of our existence, the transcendence of a personal growth towards the spiritual through introspection in our emotions.

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