Guide of Cities and Provinces of the Dominican Republic - Color Edition

  • Autor: Arq. Cristian Mejia
  • Biografía Autor: Cristian Mejia
  • Género: Viajes - Geografía
  • ISBN: 979-8620709922
  • Nº Páginas: 436
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Año: 2020

The Guide to cities and provinces Dominican Republic - Color Edition, was born in 2005 as a contribution of teamwork from our small company designing and making various maps of the cities, provinces and regions of the country.We are putting in your hands a work that will allow thousands of users of our country and visitors from different countries of the world to have a real approach to the sites, cities, provinces, regions, tourist poles etc., in their travels and tourism throughout the National territory; In a society where the names and information to users in general, has not been regulated in almost any province of the republic, since the institutions that must comply with this purpose do not execute it, due to ignorance or lack of political will.This book, Guide of cities and provinces of the Dominican Republic - Color Edition, has been organized with a first part that presents a historical synthesis and a summary of general information about the country, the places of interest, the customs , climate, population, currency, etc .; Useful information that all visitors must know when arriving in our country, because knowing this part will know better the idiosyncrasies of the Dominican people and their different social groups interacting throughout the national territory.

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