Guide City of Santiago D. R.

  • Autor: Arq. Cristian Mejia
  • Biografía Autor: Cristian Mejia
  • Género: Viajes - Geografía
  • ISBN: 978-1686170003
  • Nº Páginas: 289
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Año: 2019

The Guide City of Santiago D. R. has been made in this second edition to become the most complete map guide of the major cities of the northern region to move through all the urban areas of these cities and to offer each user in particular a practical work of easy management that serves to achieve an appropriate development to visit this important and dynamic area of the Dominican Republic.This Guide City of Santiago D. R. puts in your hands the search, management, and location in all urban areas of the cities of Greater Santiago, Puerto Plata, San Francisco de Macorís, La Vega and Moca; how to find streets, avenues, numbered streets, urbanizations, neighborhoods, points of interest, diverse services, Etc.In each part of this guide the different indexes are arranged in alphabetical order and referred to the partial maps below. In addition, before the partial maps there is a guide map of each city that indicates the way in which the partial maps that compose it are arranged.

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