The revelation of the feminine as a vehicle towards God

  • Autor: Juan-Carlos Linares Timbalaye
  • Biografía Autor: Juan-Carlos Linares Timbalaye
  • Género: Ciencias Sociales
  • ISBN: 13 : 979-8576983667
  • Nº Páginas: 32
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Formato eBook: MOBI
  • Año: 2020

Inside the current feminist wave that runs through the streets and auditoriums of the world, are necessary the texts disposed of participating in the honest construction of another reality, from unconventional angles capable of broadening the reflective landscape. Around which, The revelation of the feminine as a vehicle towards God represents a particularly outstanding reading, to approach at the feminine as the property of existence, where, the reference to God is not about a theological search, but of the possibility of vivify the responsible experience of the present, through of the importance bodily of the divine condition that sustains us. Because, we must not neglect, that under the bitter circumstances of disagreement, continues beating a cosmic core of life and spell essentially feminine, which also encompasses at the coherent man and the nature. A nucleus, proposed as a fundamental starting point towards emotional-theoretical-practical expansion of society, that must be reviewed in the light of new challenges, even by the woman herself, with the purpose of reaching a true collective understanding of the significance and power contemporary of the feminine. Qualified to occupy promising positions for legitimate social change, such as the vice-presidency of Kamala Harris. Well, the feminine, beyond a question of gender, it is an exceptional way of inhabit the society, that in permanent communication with the masculine and the identity alternatives, can redirect the present toward greater certainties.

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